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Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! At Solutions Cubed we recognize that you have your hands full! Whether you are running payroll for your staff or getting lunch ready for your kids we will come to you at your convenience. Just call Solutions3 and we will see how we can help!
No worries. At Solutions Cubed we understand what it’s like to operate a small business. Our policy is that, once our time with you reaches the 8-hour mark, we will automatically charge you a reduced daily rate, even though you may have opted for the hourly rate at the onset. We can also set a fixed price before we begin.
YES!   Our clients have given us a resounding message!  That message was “Just make it all work for us.”  You spoke, and we listened.  We now have partnerships with Kaspersky, Endian Google Apps, Carbonite and Lenovo!   Together these represent, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Email/Collaboration Suite, Data Backup and Hardware .
These spaces are limited to maintain a manageable service level. By paying for this service you expect, and rightfully so, a prompt resolution to any issues you may have. If you are interested in arranging a retainer service package, please contact the Solutions Cubed. We will either fit you in right away or let you know when a new slot becomes available.
You can call us any time, and we are more than happy to give you that personal touch. But since we enter all information into our online ticketing system anyway, if you submit a request online yourself, in some cases, this can prove faster than calling us.